We're bringing sustainable gardening to Tulsa.
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Let's rock that garden.

We'll help you set up a garden that won't break your back or your bank. Fill out the form below or call (918) 994-4222, and let's talk.

What is GGB?

GGB puts sustainability at the root and heart of what we do.

We're bringing the best organic, non-GMO plants and eco-friendly gardening supplies to Tulsa.


Upcoming Events

  1. Sep 6, 1PM :
    Gardening for Wildlife

    Birds, Bees, Butterflies…learn of the many plants that will help sustain a diverse landscape!

  2. Sep 13, 1PM :
    Hydroponics 101

    Hydroponics has proved to have several advantages over soil gardening.  Join us as we discuss the basics and benefits of soil less gardening.

  3. Sep 20, 1PM :
    Backyard Chickens

    Wahoo!  Once again Grogg’s will be giving you all the information on how to have backyard hens.  Great companions and fresh organic eggs…what else do you need to have?    …chicks will be for sale on this day at a limited basis – please check our website or call the store for more details.


There's always something going on at Grogg's Green Barn. Don't miss out!

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