We're bringing sustainable gardening to Tulsa.

Let's rock that garden.

We'll help you set up a garden that won't break your back or your bank. Fill out the form below or call (918) 994-4222, and let's talk.

What is GGB?

GGB puts sustainability at the root and heart of what we do.

We're bringing the best organic, non-GMO plants and eco-friendly gardening supplies to Tulsa.


Upcoming Events

  1. Apr 26, 10AM :
    Tulsa Treasures

    Tulsa Garden Club presents it’s annual 64th Garden Tour.   For more information call: (918) 260-1095

  2. Apr 26, 1PM :
    Plant Propagation

    PLANT PROPAGATION: emphasis on Grafting Learn why ‘grafting’ is OK and ‘genetically modified’ is not. How & why you would want to do this with plants of your own.  Taught by GGB botanist Jessica.

  3. May 10, 1PM :
    Rainwater Harvesting


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